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9y f studio 
Alfa i like it- will you keep the grid lines or remove them?
Bravo I just received an e-mail from the company and they asked to put the F under Studio, :/
Bravo The name is Studio F
Delta That's gonna change your set up just a bit huh?
Echo The f should be centered anyways
Foxtrot Show your clients examples and reason why your way is the best way! Be confident. You can do this.:)
Golf his client is right, the f should be below since it's Studio F not F Studio
Hotel If you move that F straight down and below Studio just clip the bottom of th I and the top left of the O the way you did the U. Still play it off that U line
Foxtrot I read studio first and than i see the f. So the arrangement is fine the way it is. When the f is under the studio i have a feeling it feel heavy and not fresh.
Juliett Maybe try putting studio ontop of the F at equal widths and cut away the o? Or rotate studio 90 degrees at put it down the left side of the F at equal heights?
Kilo Or maybe shut the fuck up?
Hotel ^the adults are discussing hierarchy and layout. I'm sure there's a suitable thread for you somewhere else^
Mike Lol
Mike Good stuff
Oscar Loving the craftsmanship. Just need to finesse the hierarchy.
Papa Lol you put your work on here to get likes not fair critique clearly good luck with your client! Comms team 4 Eva
Bravo Why do you say that?
Foxtrot The person doesn't understand, that it wasn't you (the designer) that left certain comments. Possibly color blind?;)
Bravo Ah, ok ;)
Tango Dope! I like the “F” without the studio tho.
Uniform It's tough, I read f studio, and love the look,but I understand that it may need to be set up different to read proper, but that is gonna look really too heavy...