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Alfa What's the name of the company?
Bravo Who knows, but that icon is sweet
Charlie not sure if its the angle but the bulb seems a bit "plump" ... i love the idea, and its a well executed concept but maybe try giving the bottom of the bulb a smaller taper 👍🏾✨
Delta I love the use of the negative space inside the bulb! Great work!
Echo What is the paper called?
Foxtrot Looks awesome, such an impressive design.
Golf This is a mock up people. Not actually embroided in real life
Hotel It's not embroidered, but it is printed and not just a mock
India Seattleites here too! 🙌
Juliett Loveeee it! 👍🏼
Kilo It's good but you could probably strip back some of the line work for a simpler design, cool concept
Lima Lose the line on the hat, orher than that, good.
Mike Maybe not lose the line on the hat completely but instead try making it lighter
November Good idea!
Oscar Woo
Papa Remote-ILLUSTRATOR/ CONCEPT ARTIST / (2D, 3D) ARTIST, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS / CARTOONIST / NFT ARTIST / UI-UX DESIGNER. Our HR team would like to have a brief chat with you through our Telegram page for job interview, you can download Telegram app on your computer or smartphone from the app store, and message "JULIE" the HR Manager on Telegram through his username @ ( Jobsglumobile ) to get started.