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Alfa Hey! What do you think about my new logo?
Bravo Not sure what the bottom says
Alfa Thanks for the comment! So what do you read :) ?
Charlie Urtasin?
Alfa Thanks!! it's urtasun😅
Delta This is very easy to read
Echo I read Marc Witayun at first glance
Foxtrot I read Marc Utajun on the first
Alfa Thanks for the comments!
Golf I like it!
Hotel Cool! Maybe you only have to adjust the thickness of the strokes, for example the part of the "s" when meet the "u" should be thinner
India How is this Style named ?
Alfa Thanks!! I will correct the S and U connection! 😀
Alfa I don't know the name, maybe a mix of Brushpen and standard calligraphy. Because I did this with a one stroke only, in Illustrator