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Alfa Even though it's a well executed logo, i feel like this logo represents a bakery of a 1000. The love/feeling for baking is missing. I would pass by the store, unless the smell or window gets me excited.
Bravo Interesting, perhaps a handwritten font add the love feeling?
Charlie Maybe...if it's focused on the baker Jo, have an amiable but simple portrait of just her face/shoulders? Or if it's more about the baking or any specific bakery item, an icon of that item? And I agree with Bravo- perhaps a handwritten font or a clever way to write "Jo" or "Jo's bakery" within a bakery item would be interesting..
Delta I don't like the image of the "retro sexy wife/maid/baker". Gender stereotypes and women's bodies aren't used to sell a 'sexy' pie
Alfa Good point delta. Maybe THAT is what bothers me.